Capital in an Economic Recession - Equipment Leasing

By Veronica Carrillo

Healthcare professionals need the most up to date equipment in their field in order to stay competitive and grow their practice. Financing this medical equipment is key in maintaining the growth pattern necessary to survive and thrive. Whether it is large equipment or small often used items, paying for these things is always a challenge.

It is widely known that medial equipment leasing is the choice many healthcare professionals look to when financing their medical equipment. Though 8 out of 10 business finance their equipment needs, many people are surprised to find out what actually can be purchase with this type of funding.

All you medical office equipment can actually be financed with healthcare leasing. All the equipment a practice needs from outfitting exam rooms and labs to equipping the office with the most up to date computer systems. Most all waiting room and reception area needs can also be leased.

If you set your car up for contract hire, you can feel much better about getting where you need to go in a vehicle equipped with the most up-to-date advances in technology, fuel competency options, and much more. Most terms for contract hire are about 2-3 years, meaning that you can benefit from the car, without actually having to be tied down to it for too long of a time.

Equipment leases provide some of the most flexible commercial financing terms available today, with typically only the first month's payment collected at the time the lease is executed. This might sound like a HUGE relief, especially for those business owners that have been told by their banks that they would need a 20% down payment or security deposit to begin a financing agreement.

If you set your car up for contract hiring, you can easily benefit from the producer's warranty, and know that you're insured. Granted that your warranty spans the length of your lease and any other repairs can be included, you can be protected with this approach. Another great advantage to contract hiring is that if you register your car under business expenses, the owner of the business can save on fuel costs and any kilometers that were spent on any business related matters like meetings, errands, etc. - 32183

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